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Features the Christian Cross as the hour hand
3 Hands (hour / minute / second)
Citizens (Miyota 2035) precision quartz movement (the highest quality in this price range, with a 2-3 year battery life, digital apx. 1 year)
Water Resistant Construction: Up to 100 feet.
Engraved Spiritual Message on Stainless Steel Back

**All watches are packaged in a multi-purpose tin gift box (extra after sale value) with point of sale material and UPC bar codes**

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FREE DISPLAYS (Three Options):
We recognize the importance of quality packaging and high visual appeal upon display, therefore we offer:

1) 30 Watch Acrylic Display (Item # 99950):  Order 30 watches and receive a clear acrylic counter display (10”X 10”x27”). This display is viewable from all sides, holds 30 watches and rotates 360 degrees, valued at $70.00.  If you order less than 30 watches and would like the display, our price is $70.00.  We will help offset this price by giving you two additional watches, which you can retail for $70.00, the price of the display.
2) 12 Watch Starter Acrylic Display (Item # 99910):  Order 12 watches and receive a clear, acrylic counter display (10”x10”x14.75”). This display is viewable from all sides, holds 16 watches and rotates 360 degrees, and costs $35.00. We will give you a bakers dozen 13 watches to help offset the display costs. You can retail for $35.00, the price of the display. If you order less than 12 watches and would like the display, our price is $35.00.
3) Watch Presentation Without An Acrylic Display. Watches come with an additional clear plastic cuff that mounts atop the tin, getting watch out of the box for better visibility and sell ability.  When purchased, the watches fit snugly into their attractive gift boxes, with clear lid, for easy viewing.

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WARRANTY: (Two-Fold)
1) (90 Day Any Reason Guarantee). You can return your watch for repair for ANY reason within 90 days of purchase. Please click here for full details (print out this warranty card and send it back with your watch, thank you).
2) All watches come with a Ten, Five or One year limited warranty.  If there is a manufacturing defect, Spiritual Watches Inc. will take responsibility for all customer service.  This warranty is offered by the manufacture, not the dealer from whom it was purchased. Please contact us for any concerns with your Spiritual Watch.
3) Please fill out a limited warranty card and send it back with your watch. You can find this card in your watches tin gift box or click here for full details and a printable version.

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This policy provides allows you exchange any product that does not meet your needs or sell as expected.  You can rotate your inventory. For example, exchange for Ladies watches for Mothers Day then exchange for Gent’s watches for Fathers Day and then even youth for graduation etc.  You can exchange as many times as you wish. This “open exchange” allows you to custom-tailor your product line to meet you and your customer’s needs. We are continually updating the quality and mix of our product-line and hope this policy allows you to best serve your customer.
Terms and Conditions:
1) All invoices must be current and paid by the agreed terms.
2) Exchanges will be on a dollar per dollar basis.
3) We’ll split the shipping charges.   
4) Exchanges need to be made within six (6) months of invoice.

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TERMS:  First order prepaid, credit card, check or check by phone, money order or COD.  Re-orders Net 30 days with credit approval.  Visa and MasterCard are accepted.  We require a signed credit application (please ask for our application form or you can use CBA’s).
MINIMUM ORDER:  Opening Orders $100, Minimum Re-order $50.  Orders less then $50 will have a $5 handling fee added (ask).
RETURNS:  No returns accepted without the authorization of Spiritual Watches.  Merchandise must be received in new (good) condition.  In some cases returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee and shipping costs.  (All returns should be shipped in original packing material or similar packing precautions should be used).  You are responsible for all material damaged during shipping or while in your care.
LATE CHARGES:  Any outstanding balance over 30 days will be charged a late fee of $20.00 per month and/or interest of 1.5% on the amount past due, not to exceed maximum allowed by law, or 18% annually.  To pay a $20.00 fee on all returned checks.  To pay any and all collection, court and attorney fees in the event that collection efforts become necessary. Agree that the laws in the State of Washington USA govern these terms.

Styles may have slight variances from pictures, samples or previous orders.
Prices, terms and availability are subject to change without notice.  
Copyright Spiritual Watches Inc. 2004. Patented and Patent Pending. All rights reserved.     Catalog # 400-5-6 10.01.2003

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SHIPPING AND HANDLINGSHIPPING:  F.O.B. Spiritual Watches, Seattle, WA prepaid and added to invoice.  All merchandise shipped by ground (unless otherwise requested).

Most retail orders will be shipped by the US Post Office Or UPS Ground.
1    Watch     = up to $5.99 (US Post)
1-3 Watches = up to $7.99 (US Post)
3 +  Watches = $7.99 and up (UPS Ground)

WHOLESALE ORDERS:   (Average Shipping Costs)
1-6     Watches = up to $ 8.99
7-12   Watches = up to $10.99
12-30 Watches = up to $16.99

12 Watch Starter Kit = up to $14.99  (includes acrylic display)
30 Watch Best Seller = up to $19.99  (includes acrylic display)

FREE FREIGHT or INCENTIVE FREIGHT ALLOWANCE:  Prepaid and credit card orders are eligible to earn a freight allowance.
Orders over $500.00 receive FREE freight. All other prepaid or credit card orders, we will pay ½ (half) of the freight charges.
MINIMUM ORDER:  Opening Orders $100, Minimum Re-order $50.  Orders less then $50 will have a $5 handling fee added (ask).
DELIVERY:  We ship most orders 1-2 days after receiving confirmation. It may take up to 1 to 2 weeks during peak seasons. Special orders or out of stock items may require additional time.
SHIP COMPLETE POLICY:  In order to insure timely delivery Spiritual Watches will ship all watch orders complete by substituting out of stock items with new and best selling designs. If not satisfied with our substitutions we will exchange for you at no charge.
CLAIMS:  All claims should be made within 15 days of receipt of goods.  Report transit damages to carrier

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Bryan Halligan created Spiritual Watches a jewelry line of inexpensive inspirational timepieces (watches and clocks) helping us experience and enlighten our spirit with an hourly reminder of our faith.
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The Education, Health and Energy Learning Programs, examples given by Bryan Halligan.
Dream Big Its Free

Dr. Martin Luther King
“Use me, God, show me how to take who I am, who I want to be, and what I can do,
and use it for a purpose greater than myself.”


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