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Lin Terry is internationally known for the finest quality acrylic showcases for any type of collectible. How did Lin Terry get started? In the 1970's Lin Terry sold supplies for coins and stamps. Then the baseball card revolution started. Lin Terry started to carry supplies for the cards. A top baseball card dealer approached the company to design a card holder for his most expensive cards. The "ultimate" card holder was designed! Manufactured of the finest acrylic, hand polished and buffed, corners mitered, with stainless steel screws. This holder became the standard in the industry, purchased by the top card dealers.

      This was the beginning of an original line of acrylic cases for sports memorabilia. The innovative one ball holder had the ball sitting on a golf tee. Cases were designed to be wall mountable. These were all original designs, expertly crafted. Lin Terry's cases were the first in the industry and remain the finest. The collections of the top sports enthusiasts, Sports Bars and collectors in the Country have their items in Lin Terry cases.

     Lin Terry reached out to design and manufacture cases for other collectibles. There is a large Barbie doll line. A case holding 60 Pez holders was designed for the owner's collection. And then the beanies babies arrived. Lin Terry designed and manufactured a huge array of cases for the beanie babies. The Company started to sell the beanies themselves and was in the center of the beanie baby action.

      Lin Terry has designed and manufactured custom cases for all kinds of collectibles, from tennis rackets to coconut cases. An individualized custom case can be made for you.

   * Our newest acrylic products are: Office displays: risers, bookcases, etc.

   * Kitchen items: napkin holders, cutting boards. etc.

   * House Furnishings

Lin Terry is proud of their innovation and quality. We are ready for the future of collecting and would like to help you protect and display your favorite things.

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